Highlights & Takeaways

  • You have a split second to capture someone’s attention—make your content catchy right out of the gate. Get right to the point, be clear, and don’t ramble.
  • Make sure that you are being relevant to your audience. What are they here for? How are you helping them win the day? Be clear on your niche and how you serve.
  • There is a difference between professional and stuffy. Your audience may be spending their days reading through contracts and other boring content—they don’t want MORE of that on their social media. Write for the Internet! Don’t be afraid to infuse your personality and quirks into your captions.
  • You don’t have to share everything about your life… but you can share a lot about a little. Choose a couple of things in your life that are relevant to your readers. (This is tough to translate in note form but if you get stuck here pop this training into your earbuds!)
  • Be crystal clear on who you’re helping and with what—if you’re making someone’s life better, they’ll listen.
  • Show up consistently. If they know they can expect great content from you in July, they sure as heck will be listening when Black Friday rolls around in November.
  • The number one thing that makes your content feel addicting is when you feel connected to the person that’s posting. To make your content resonate as deeply as possible, use video. (Audio is second best, and text & photos are third.)
  • In a nutshell, the four elements of irresistible content are: clarity, consistency, personality and connection. Once you have clarity, the consistency gets much easier—and once you’re showing up consistently, you’ll become more comfortable with letting your personality sparkle and those connections will create themselves.

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