If you’ve got a great product but sales aren’t where they should be, pull up a chair!

We’re Doreen and Carolyn, your graphic design and marketing assistants. We’ll help you craft a brand experience that is polished, intentional, and has your perfect fit clients leaning forward in their seats for more from you.

“Working with you is like taking off my bra at the end of a long day! Simple. Stress free. Liberating.”


Growing your business by yourself can be time consuming, exhausting, and completely overwhelming. You’re sinking hours upon hours into promotions, drowning in ideas of what you could do if only you had more time, and honestly feeling a little frazzled because even though you have Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest, it’s a LOT to keep a handle on.

And after all that… crickets.

Breeeathe, my friend. Balancing life & business can be tricky, but it gets a whole lot easier once you have a sidekick. We’re the girls you turn to when you’re ready to get “unstuck” in your digital marketing.

Get it done – and done well – in a fraction of the time. Your talents deserve polished, intentional marketing that’ll do them justice.