Never worry about what you’re going to post again.

Your content should get dollars in your jeans AND be simple & fun.

What if you could slash your writing time in half — and finally get consistent?


Hey, is this you?

  • Telling your kiddos to SHUSH so you can knock out an Instagram story

  • Scrambling to come up with a caption in the school pick-up line

  • Just enough traction in your business to be utterly addicted to it

  • Brain constantly whirring with all the stuff you could do… if only you had more time


Here are some of your hours back.

Caption Templates

Canva Graphics

Story Ideas

Reels Scripts

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“I wish I could get more ___”

Sales? Clients? Followers? Engagement?

If you’re feeling the struggle, I hear you. We’ve done a ridiculous amount of experimenting over the years and at the end of the day, checking all of the boxes comes down to a pretty simple strategy.


These posts might seem a little fluffy — but they’re engaging, shareable, and savable. That means they’re top notch content for to prime the algorithms, reach new eyeballs, and start a two-way conversation.


Love on your readers hard and become a go-to resource for them. That way, they’ll appreciate and trust you enough to buy from you when you’ve got something to sell… which is the whole point, right? (Okay, fine, new friendships are pretty freaking rad too.) This category blends personal & educational content so you stay top of mind — and heart — for your audience.


If you’re done posting on social media just for the sake of it, you need to stop creating random posts that aren’t optimized for sales. Use the caption starters to write high converting captions that feel totally natural (and make your piggy bank happy)!

Holy mother of all things time saving, the toolbox is a must have! I am so pleased with this purchase. Saves me so much time and the day to day stuff is so well thought out. Highly recommend to anyone who is trying to balance social media!


These daily story prompts are SO HANDY. I’ve used them for everything — stories (of course) but also reels and captions! Even if I don’t use it that day it’s so awesome to have some stuff to pull from. Thanks!


This is for you if…

You have limited no time

You want to shave your legs, go for an occasional bike ride, and have clean toilets. You want to be a great friend, spouse, mom, you name it—and rise above the noise to run a successful business. We get it. (Ohhhhh do we ever.) And we’re telling you that you can do all of the above, with a little strategy and a little help.

You’re a fantastic writer.

Yep, we use this toolbox here at Knap Creative too. Sometimes coming up with ideas about what you say is a challenge. And even when you do, it’s a heck of a process to get it from your brain into a cohesive post. But you go from idea to publish in about two minutes with the guidance of our prompts and templates.

Your writing stinks

(Like smelly cheese in a hot car.) As an entrepreneur, there are a million things you need to be good at to succeed. Social media is one of those things. But if you hate writing and/or coming up with the visuals, we’ve gotchu. Take your writing from meh to “hey, I got a reply! this is working!” with templates and be done with it.

Less than two bucks a day for your sanity?
(That’s a no brainer.)