Real talk: you don’t need to pay $280/m for “website monitoring.” But (and we learned this the hard way) regular maintenance of your site is a must for keeping your business running smoothly. Sign up for our easy breezy website maintenance plan and know that you’ve got all of this stuff covered:

Monthly Tasks
👉 check that all pages are loading without errors
👉 make updates to website software & plugins
👉 check load speed & ensure nothing is bogging your site down
👉 ensure that all forms, popups, and calls to action are running properly
👉 remove any spam comments from pages & posts

Quarterly Tasks
👉 write one or more blog posts to boost community engagement & SEO (yes!!)
👉 check on multiple devices & browsers to ensure site still displays correctly
👉 review SEO, meta titles, and descriptions to ensure they’re effective
👉 up to 1 hour of updates to your website copy & images

Annual Tasks
👉 update copyright info across all pages
👉 ensure domain & hosting are renewed on time
👉 consider whether a website design refresh is due

Monthly payment cycle, no setup fee, and you’ll always have  full access to your website back-end. Cancel anytime.