Has growing an email list been on your to-do list for weeks? Months? Maybe even years? (Hey, zero judgement.)

We understand how every time you think that you’ll finally get to it this week, a million other things inevitably come up and it goes to the back burner. You’re here for a reason so we won’t harp about why it’s important—instead, we’ll show you exactly how to build an email list full of beautiful, engaged subscribers. Sound good?

This guide includes:

  • how to guide potential clients along the journey from curiosity right through to a sale
  • the golden rules of email marketing
  • exactly how to craft an irresistible, effective lead magnet (and a whole lot of ideas)
  • how to create a welcome series to nurture your audience
  • crank up your open rates (with tried & tested, easy-to-fill subject line templates!)

Terms You are free to use this program for your own business but may not sell it, distribute it, or re purpose this content in any way. Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final.