3 Instagram Reel Ideas to Use This Fall

Looking for reel ideas to use this fall? Friend, you are in the RIGHT PLACE! Here are 3 free Instagram reel ideas you can use this fall.

Keep your reels bite-sized. Wait, no. They should be NIBBLE sized. Like, if you have a regular post that’s three bullets, your reel will be one of those bullets.

Quick tips if you’re new:

  • The algorithm (currently) favors your reel if you shoot & edit it all in Instagram. BUT reels are mega buggy so you run the risk of losing your stuff if only save it in your drafts.
  • Start where you are. If you’re still getting comfortable on camera, start where you’re the most comfortable whether it’s lip dubs or quick face-to-camera tips. (Personally I find the “talking head” videos MUCH easier than lip dubs or dancing because they’re almost the same as stories.)
  • The first line of your caption should be a call to action. “Tap here for more!” “Hit save!” “Send to a friend who does this!”

Prompts / headlines to get the wheels turning:

    A new season means your readers are ready for some new food on their plates. Put your own spin on easy summer meals and share with your audience! (Yes, every brand can use this prompt! We could share “easiest finger foods to munch on while planning your content” — and we just might.) This reel is super quick & easy to create, and deliciously sharable. Pun always intended.
    By the time September rolls around, everyone is (usually!) pretty ready for school to be back in session and some semblance of a routine replace the chaos of summer. If you’ve got mamas in your audience, share 1-3 creative ways they can re-implement routines so they can get back into the nitty gritty of their biz without the kids screaming.
    4 things every ___ needs in her ___. What are some unexpected things every mom should have in her car? Small biz owner should have in her top desk drawer? Teen should have in her purse? Make this industry-specific. Super easy to make!
    Finish with a voiceover… you don’t have to talk through the whole thing!

Don’t know what to talk about? We gotchu. The Toolbox includes juicy caption templates, DAILY story prompts (that are more than just fluff like what you had in your coffee or what your toddler is up to today), reel ideas, and a done-for-you marketing strategy. Sign up here!

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3 Instagram Reel Ideas to Use This Fall
3 Instagram Reel Ideas to Use This Fall